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hours spent to manufacture



Bottles inspected

of ingredients delivered

Romansive focuses in each manufacturing process for just one product. Each bottles contain hours of research, development and inspection. We are involved in every single process to ensure the quality for our customers.

Our products allow you to focus on your sleep for that good rest. And the good rest leads to focus during your day. Dive deep into your dreams tonight and rise towards your dream tomorrow.




100% Refund, 100% Satisfaction


We are so confident in our product that we will give you 100% refund if you are not satisfied. Our customer service is also 100% handled by our employees. The weight of responsibility is always heavy, but you can only move towards your dream when you embrace it. Bearing responsibility may be regretful and painful but sometimes you get the power to endure it by just having a good rest. We want to offer you this product we made with responsibility. Take our product, take a good rest and commit towards your dream.



We are the pioneer

in sleep tech industry

Causes for sleep disorders differ by each. According to the DSM-5(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness) classification, sleep-awakening disorders are divided into 11 medical classifications.

Nevertheless, many sleep product companies offer 'one' solution for various sleep disorders. Romansive is on the challenge to present a customized sleeping solution suitable for each different sleep concerns. As a start, we created a sleep drink that is effective for insomnia caused by stress. We also worked hard to get three domestic patents and one international patent for this product. We will continue to challenge ourselves until all sleep problems are solved. We will continue to challenge ourselves so that more people can sleep better.

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Romansive creates a sleep solution
for those who 
follow their dreams

Anyone has experienced
sleepless nights before



It's the sleep problem we have to focus on, not the person who is suffering from it. I was dissatisfied with the culture that views people with insomnia negatively. I've met many people when I used to work as a bartender. By meeting various people at the bar, I've realized that people with sleep problems tend to be passionate about something that kept them up at night. That's why I founded this company to create products that can help people get some good night's sleep that they deserve after working hard acheive their dreams.

- CEO Soohyun Lee


Romantic Progressive :
Romance through Technological Process

we help people achieve this
'Romantic Progress' through technology

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​Head office: Romansive Co., Ltd.

401-ho, 32, Hoam-ro 22-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 08812



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