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Guaranteed Zzz's or Your money back

Drink one bottle 30 minutes



turned to CEO

Seoul National University

Food Research Team

Made with a high-end technology and tasting test



보존제 없음

Preservatives Free


알레르기 없음

Allergen Free


Zero Sugar

글루텐 없음

Gluten Free


카페인 없음

Caffein Free

내성 없음

Non Habit Forming

​유제품 없음

Dairy Free


​콜레스트롤 없음

Zero Cholestrol

Key Ingredients

inside Lichera

Point 01

an Oriental herb formula

Lichera uses Jujuba, a Korean traditional medicine used to reduce the time falling asleep. Zizyphys jujuba, the seed from Jujuba, contains elements that improves your sleep quality.

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* Description of LCR-fermentated jujube extract

Only in Lichera, LCR-Zizyphus jujuba

LCR is abbreviation for Lichera. Zizyphus Jujuba was processed with Seoul National University Research team's technology to improve the effects and absorption rates. 

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Group 80 (1).png
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Composition for sleep containing fermented Zizyohus jujuba Miller (Korea)

Composition for sleep beverage (Korea)

Also manufacturing method (PCT)

투명도 조절 네모칸.png

* LCR-Zizyphus jujuba is an ingredient exclusive to Lichera

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스크린샷 2022-11-02 오후 2.12.50.png
Group 58.png

* Nobre, Anna C, Anling Rao, and Gail N Owen. "L-Theanine, a Natural Constituent in Tea, and Its Effect on Mental State." Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition 17.S1 (2008): 167-68

L-Theanine Human body test results

Point 02

Stress Management

L-Theanine relaxes your body. It also relieves stress so falling asleep is much more comfortable and faster.


Coffee wakes your body within 15 minutes. Lichera, on the other hand, puts you to sleep within 30 minutes. Choose to drink Lichera on that particular sleepless night. You'll be able to sleep in no time.

* Description of L-Theanine

Point 03

Dive in to your sleep

Vitamin B, Magnesium reacts with Tryptophan to create Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle and the lack of it can cause various sleep disorders. Tryptophan helps your body make Melatonin naturally by fueling the nutruents.

* Description of L-Tryptophan

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